Going cakeless

Just a heteroflexible 21 year old. Everything unravels........see the trick to it is appreciating the beauty in the chaos. I like pretty things and you're here soooo :>

Tell me something wonderful?   Whatcha got to show me?
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These weasel warriors are growing up to be big strong healthy ferrets

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Happy Ferret Tongues.

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what are u doing ferret??


what are u doing ferret??

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entered a taco bell while sober fr the first time in my entire life… look at this color scheme…. i had no idea it was so beautiful in here…….. im very inspired by this

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Donald Glover x Aaron Paul


Donald Glover x Aaron Paul

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I’m tired and grumpy and want a cute guy to cuddle me

or girl

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A friend often says I’m an old man in a young man’s husk. I like that. I am old-fashioned in some ways.

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the origons of Ouija boards are funny if you think about it like they’re part of an another country (China)’s ancient history that was practiced until one emporer decided “You know what this is probably a bad idea” and banned the practice. 

then centuries later an old buisnessman comes along and is like “I’m going to take this and market it as a toy to children.”

Which is the exact plot of Yu-Gi-Oh


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